For decades, the Del Valle area, an underdeveloped section of southeastern Travis County, saw minimal commercial investment.

The area was poised for growth, but the arrival of companies that would provide work for the area’s residents was very deliberate. That is, at least, until Tesla announced that it will be building its Gigafactory Texas facility in the area. 

Tesla is investing at least $1 billion in its new factory, and it intends to employ 5,000 workers in manufacturing jobs. It did not take long before the expansive 2,000-acre lot — which Elon Musk has stated will be developed into an “ecological paradise” — turned into a sign of growth and progress for Del Valle. With work at the site now “moving at the speed of Elon” as per a developer, Giga Texas could very well become the trigger for change in the oft-neglected section of Travis County.

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Tesla Poised To Transform Low Income Families In Texas County

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