Before I get into it, let me first wish our Canadian readers a very Happy Thanksgiving!

We truly appreciate you and are thankful you visit!

I spent many great years in Canada and have amazing friends and family there. So we hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend.

It may only be days after 001's birthday, but snow is ALREADY showing up in places around the USA and Canada. Denver/Boulder and Alberta are just two places that got the angry reminder that winter is coming for them...

Tonight, we want to know what are your FAVORITE BEATERS on the market today for under $20K USD? Not just AWD/4WD. What non-4 wheels do you like as well.

Beaters are awesome...kind of. They're the kind of cars that you can take out and not worry about someone scratching, keying or knocking into it with a shopping cart. And with the right drive and tire setup, they're a blast to drive in the snow and on ice.

Which ones are you recommending to friends and family in 2019?

The Snow Is Starting In Spots Around The USA And Canada. WHICH UNDER 20k WINTER BEATER Do You Recommend This Year?

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