I'm sorry, but I'm getting to the breaking point.

There are certain topics I see about autos that 1. Are SO played out and 2. People, GET OVER IT!.

I love a good discussion on autos on a multitude of subjects but there are some that just trigger me beyond belief. Online and in personal conversations.

I know you want examples...And lucky for you, I have them.

I'll paint two scenario's and then I'll let y'all run and chime in with yours.

1. A German car company announces a new series (pick your fave German co.) and within MINUTES, all over the web it's like a virtual hipster riot, THEY'RE NOT BRINGING THE WAGON TO THE USA!!! &&@&@@&O@!!!

2. You're out on the town and you run into friends or colleagues (you remember when we were all allowed to do that?) and the subject of current car news comes out (let's use the Bronco for example). So the conversation starts and WITHOUT fail, one of the people who knows nothing about cars HAS to say something they think will make them seem cool LIKE...I CAN'T believe you can't get a MANUAL with the SASQUATCH package! NO MANUAL!!!!!. This is coming from the person where there is a .0000000000001% chance that they would BUY a Bronco, let alone one with a MANUAL.

And these soundbytes perpetuate themselves over and over and over and over.

So Spies, let's air out your faves that trigger you...

The USA ISN’T Getting The WAGON! No MANUAL! What Topics Are You SICK And TIRED Of Hearing About?

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