I am a big fan of cars - which I'm sure all of the Autospies community are.

When buying a new car, many go to the dealership, but many also go to the dealers website. One of the biggest turn-on for the manufacturer's website is to have a car configurator/also known as a 'Build Your Own'. Nearly all of the manufacturer's have some sort of 'Build Your Own'.

- Large view of the car
- 360 Degree
- All options (well the visible ones) come into the image
- Pricing

- Wheels/option selections not shown in image
- Small picture of the car
- Only one view
- No pricing

What do you think is the best 'Build Your Own' on the dealer's website.

My vote:
1. Mercedes-Benz Germany: (the only turn off is the thing is in German!)
2. BMW Australia:
3. Audi of America:

If you haven't tried the above before - go to their website and muck around with them. Have fun!


The best car configurator/build your own

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