It is 3:30 AM and you lie there awake. Rather than roll over and go back to sleep, you jump up and go to the computer to see if that fan boy has flamed you again by insulting your manhood.

Somewhere deep down inside you know this guy is only 15 years old, still wet behind the ears, but he got the best of you with that last comment, and you just can't let it rest. To top if off 009 posted yet another article that you just have to respond to. You mutter “is this guy for real?” and the constant clatter of your keystrokes echoes down the hallway. You look up from the computer, and it is almost 8:00 AM already, and you are late for work! Again!

Rushing in the office door you sit down at your desk and rather than answering your emails, you are back on the site to see who flamed you and about what. Your desk is a mess, your missing deadlines, and the cat disappeared a week ago. But there is always a browser opened to AutoSpies. You wonder, where it went wrong. How could this be? What IS my wife’s name?

You my friend are suffering from the condition, “automobilus custodis addictus”, or in English, you are an AutoSpies Junkie. It is a common occurrence that we see it all the time, like an addict you crave the dialog, the quick jab and the sharp rebuttals. On the plus side you may actually learn a few things you never knew. But only if your boss knew how much time you were on this site, he would surely fire you. Your wife left a while back but you just can’t remember when. But for some reason the only thing fresh in your mind is the torque and horsepower ratings of the new Lexus IS-F.

Does this all sound a bit familiar?

We see a lot of you out there all of the time, and we really appreciate your dedication. But for the life of us, we can’t figure out how you do it. You seem to be around every corner never taking a breath before your next post. Our most dedicated fans never seem to take a break

So we have to ask: Are you an AutoSpies Junkie?

Time  To Come Out Of The Closet: Are You An AutoSpies Junkie?

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