Recent news shattered hearts across the globe. The Jaguar supercar project, dubbed the C-X75 has officially been canceled. The good news is that a lot of the technology involved in the project will live in throughout the future Jaguar lineup.

Still, the news of its "passing," is akin to the possibility of losing the next Albert Einstein. The C-X75 could have been the next Bugatti Veyron -- an engineering marvel -- but we'll never know.

But I can't say I am tremendously surprised. Why, you ask? Well, it's simple. Jaguar supercars have just never been fully appreciated.

Take, for example, the XJ220. As Autocar's Andrew Frankel points out, it just didn't get the love it deserved even though it smashed the 200 mph mark -- which the Ferrari F40 held -- in a stunning 213 mph test.

Or how about the XJR-15 that essentially NO ONE knows about. It had it's heyday in a Need for Speed video game but that's about it. You don't see posters of that outrageously difficult-to-drive vehicle hanging on teenagers walls.

But Frankel did something I find particularly cool. He recently got back behind the wheel of the XJ220. Considering he's been doing this for a while it's important to put into context that after 20 years he has the right to compare it to all of the modern vehicles he's driven.

So, open up your ears and check out this clip. Sensational work right here...

The much-maligned Jaguar XJ220 is 20 years old, and has lost none of its appeal. Andrew Frankel, who road tested the car when it was first launched, takes a look back at one of Jaguar's finest moments.

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VIDEO: A Look Back At The Jaguar XJ220 From The Guy Who ORIGINALLY Reviewed It

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