Though we were happy to share with you another publication's first thoughts of the all-new Porsche 911 (991) Carrera 4S, sometimes there's something about video that writing can't capture.

Oh yes, that's right. It can't capture the experience at all.

So when we saw this cilp of EVO Magazine's Henry Catchpole behind the wheel and giving it the beans around some of Austria's curvy, countryside roads we knew you had to take a look. The scenery and sounds are worth it alone.


Post viewing, let us know: Would YOU opt for a two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive Porsche 911 if you had to make the decision.

evo's Henry Catchpole takes the new 991 Carrera 4S, the latest four-wheel-drive Porsche, on a wet and icy drive through Austria to test its all-weather capabilities.

VIDEO + DRIVEN: Porsche's All-New 911 (991) Carrera 4S Gets A Wet Workout

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