Some of the world's most desirable supercars come from Sant'Agata. And I am sure that if you asked most of the motoring world, a good chunk of them would say their dream car is something low, wide and its doors open up to the sky.

Let's face it. There's something special about a bright colored Lamborghini.

Now the Aventador is supposedly one of their best — though I'd argue there's something about a Diablo 6.0 that's better — and guess what? The open-top variant has just made its major debut in Miami.

Frankly, I can't think of a better place than Miami for a car like this.

That said, everyone in their right mind wants to know how this vehicle actually drives. So, we leave it to the one and only Steve Sutcliffe because he is simply one of the best reviewers on the planet.

Check out Sutcliffe's opinions below...

The Lamborghini Aventador Roadster promises 217mph with the roof down. Steve Sutcliffe finds out if there's more to the latest drop-top Lambo than thundering straight line thrills


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VIDEO: How Much Better Can The Lamborghini Aventador Get?

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