Easily one of the most manic vehicles on the roads today is Ferrari's blockbuster F12. Equipped with a front-engined V12 good for 730 horsepower at the crank being sent to the rear wheels, it's got power for days.

In fact, this V12 is the same motor found in the upcoming Ferrari flagship, the LaFerrari, the difference is it is lacking the KERS system.

But it's rare to find a front-engined auto with all that power being sent to the back.

Though Autocar's Steve Sutcliffe already has been behind the wheel, Ferrari rang him up and asked if he'd like to spend another day in one — can anyone turn that down? I didn't think so.

This time he took to what I'd consider some of Europe's most ridiculously twisty roads. And finds himself in a hairy situation, here and there.

Watch the clip below for some V12 wails as well as a British blokes' astonishment.

Steve Sutcliffe revisits the awesome 730bhp Ferrari F12 - and spends the day maxxing it out on some of Italy's twistiest roads...

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