In my last thread you may have noted the eye-boggling price of an all-new Rolls-Royce Phantom. They don't come cheap with a base price of over $402,000 but it is an exceptional automobile. There's no arguing against that.

So, what if you don't have that kind of dough rolling around and you want one? You wait. The prices do come down over time. Check out eBay Motors and you'll see. It's not unheard of to snap up a Roller for $30,000. Of course you may have to put some work into it but that's almost expected with any used vehicle.

But if you're looking for what may very well be the worst living — barely — example of a Rolls-Royce Phantom, look no further. That's because Rob Ferretti of Super Speeders and Gotham Dream Cars has posted a video of easily the most heinous Rolls I've ever seen.

I wonder if you've seen worse...

Let us know in the comments below! Until then, scope out the 95,000 mile Phantom below!

Literally drove it into the ground after not making a payment in 3 years, then called bank to come get it when it was no longer usable. Well, If you are not going to pay for it you might as well drive it till the wheels fall off... Unfortunately that is the story behind this repossessed Rolls Royce is in need of some serious TLC. Problem is it may be too far gone to save. I would part it out, would you fix it or scrap it?

At the very least it needs an engine rebuild, missing suspension components all around replaced, new headlight, paint work, leather repair, engine lights tended to, new tires, (assuming new brakes) all to just be a average condition 95,000 mile car...

**FYI: Some language is NSFW in the clip below!

VIDEO: Quite Possibly One Of The MOST ABUSED Rolls-Royce Phantoms On The Road...Barely

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