Ferrari and Jaguar.

Both are storied European marques but they can't be further from the other. Especially when it boils down to sound. But there's no better way to see and hear the difference, you have to follow along with Autocar's Steve Sutcliffe to understand.

The Ferrari, predictably, has a high-pitched shriek emitting from its triple exhaust, meanwhile the flagship XKR-S Jaguar convertible has an extremely gutteral grunt.

It's with amazement that I watch this clip and then remember "Wow, these both are V8s and they sound COMPLETELY different!"

Both the Ferrari 458 Spider and the Jaguar XKR-S Convertible get V8 motors and arguably the most sonorous exhaust notes out there. Steve Sutcliffe gets out the noise-meter and visits a tunnel to decide which sounds best.

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VIDEO: Sound OFF! Ferrari's 458 Italia Spyder Vs. Jaguar's XKR-S Convertible -- Which Sounds Better?

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