The Volkswagen Tiguan was the most popular new car amongst UK police, NHS and fire service staff last year, according to new car guide published by Motor Source Group, an online car dealership specifically for public service workers.

The highly rated Volkswagen SUV pipped the Suzuki Vitara (2) and Citroen Grand C4 Picasso (3) as the top car for public service professionals in 2016. Also in the top five were the Skoda Superb (4) and Audi A3 (5).

Motor Source Group’s Top 10 Cars for Public Servants Ranking, is based on new car sales made exclusively to public servants in the UK and features feedback from a wide range of automotive experts and existing drivers.

Steve Thornton, managing director of Motor Source Group, says: “Police, NHS and fire service staff can’t work from home when the roads are bad, so they buy dependable and practical cars to get them where they need to be safely and in the right frame of mind. The choices these people make about the cars they drive speak volumes about things like safety and value for money.”

“The Tiguan is a particularly good choice for people that value safety, space and security.Quiet, smooth and good to drive. It is a practical family vehicle with a good four-wheel drive option to help drivers get where they need to be safely, even in the worst UK weather conditions.

Other popular cars for public service professionals in 2016 included the Skoda Superb, which is rated highly by expert of drivers alike, and was described by Steve Thornton “a star of a reasonably priced car.”

VW Tiguan is top car for UK public service workers

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