The circuit is open but moister than a Nigella Lawson sponge cake, 18 of the fastest and most exciting cars on the planet are ticking over in the pitlane and I have my choice of the keys.

I’m drawn magnetically to the exotic stuff, but equally repelled by the absence of friction and a very real possibility of parking one in the Irish sea. My ego is screaming “GO BIG!” but my head takes the win as I drop into the familiar, squidgy embrace of the new Golf GTI’s tartan cloth. Must be getting old.

Let’s be honest, a Golf GTI in this company is as invisible as vegetables in our diet at Speed Week, even when it’s the brand new Mk8 GTI, fresh off the lorry from Germany… the first of its kind to arrive in the UK. In these conditions though, there’s sanctuary in familiarity, reassurance in knowing roughly how this new GTI is going to behave, and it won’t involve sudden power oversteer.

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