As wild as the 2020 U.

S. presidential election season has been so far, one development we did not have on our bingo card is this one: Does Joe Biden know something the rest of us don't about the future of the Chevrolet Corvette? That's a baffling sentence to write even amid this exhausting and oftentimes horrifying year, but now it's up for discussion thanks to yesterday's video from the Biden campaign.

On Wednesday, Biden—the former Vice President and presumptive Democratic nominee—released a new ad showing him behind the wheel of his 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. And sure, we could ogle the C2 all day, admiring its tasteful shade of Goodwood Green and saddle brown leather seats.

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WATCH: Another Gaffe? Joe Biden Claims Knowledge Of A 200 MPH Electric Corvette

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