With car prices higher than ever before, leasing has become a popular way of getting behind the wheel of a new car.

Take for example the Toyota RAV4, which in its most expensive form costs around $35,000. This SUV is still out of reach of most Americans if one was to buy it outright, but it will cost you only $439 for 36 months on lease, making it much more accessible. If you want to step things up a little, the high-end Cadillac Escalade will cost around $1,000 on a 36-month deal, which is not too bad for such a premium vehicle, but what if you're in the market for a $3.6 million Bugatti Chiron? Well, then the numbers start looking ridiculous. In the following video, the cost of leasing a Chiron is made public, and it's disgusting.

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WATCH: Bugatti Reveals INSANE Chiron Sport Leasing Deal If You Can Afford It

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