A woman in Knoxville, Tennessee had to turn to a local news station’s “Help Me” consumer affairs guy after a used car dealership sold her Ford Taurus out from under her after she brought it in for repairs. If that wasn’t bad enough, months later, the car was still registered in her name. For just one day, I’d really like car dealers to not be like this.
Lindsey Thompson and her fiancé, Larry Cole, purchased a white 2005 Ford Taurus from Cherokee Auto Sales in North Knoxville in June of 2023, according to 6 ABC WATE consumer reporter Don Dare (cool name). They put $700 down on the $5,900 car and signed a $995 service contract for 12 months or 12,000 miles, since the car was being sold As-Is. The contract said it covered the drivetrain, brakes and air conditioning, among other things.


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WATCH: Woman Brings Car In For Warranty Repairs And Dealership Sells It Out From Underneath Her

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