The internet discussion forums are ablaze fighting over Honda Accord vs.

Toyota Camry.

But this time it's not so much about which one is better (we personally like the Accord) but which one is DYING FASTER.

And THAT crown is going to....drum roll...the Honda Accord.

Here are some highlights of the comments we read...

"One caveat to keep in mind: Toyota does way more in fleet sales for the Camry than Honda does for the Accord. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rental Accord, whereas rental Camrys are a dime a dozen at airports.

I think the sedan sales drop off we're seeing now is coupled both to the economy and the fact that you can get SUVs/crossovers with almost no MPG loss. I doubt sedans will recover, as they're going the way of true station wagons.

Historically I have always felt the Accord was a better looking car, but the recent redesigns have changed my ranking, I'm not fond of the new Accord and I really like the Camry. Also thanks Toyota for hanging on to the NA V6 for a few more years. The Turbo 4 in the Accord looks good on paper but mid size/full size sedans always need a V6."

Of course we know at least in the USA, sedans are the new Grandpa's Oldsmobile but tell us WHY you think Honda has trailed this race as the best seller and now is heading towards the emergency room?

WHICH Best Selling Sedan Is DYING FASTER? Honda Accord Or Toyota Camry?

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