It's TGIF! The weekend has arrived!

And many of us will be spending our time driving to to and from our favorite weekend fun spots.

Whether it's with the kids, your significant other or just by your lonesome, if you're a car person very few things are more satisfying than the weekend drive in our favorite rides.

ONE of the reasons is because it's a great way to people watch.

And let's face it when you see that hot ride it's very tempting to see if the driver or passengers are as HOT as the car!

Sometimes they are but MANY times you can drive up on one of the most gorgeous cars and see a sight behind the wheel that RUINS the whole experience.

So since it's the weekend and it's all about fun and letting loose, we want to know WHICH premium car company has the BEST looking and WORST looking drivers?

You know, the ones that every time you drive up to a light and there is a hottie behind the wheel or when you pull up you want to pull away!

Of course, this is TOTALLY subjective but based on YOUR experiences who would WIN and who would LOSE?

Be sure to tell us what area of the country you're from and make your picks!

And let's have some FUN!

WHICH Premium Car Company Has The BEST And WORST Looking Customers?

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