Perhaps this is a bit of a silly question but this is one I've been very perplexed by over the years. And it happens everywhere I go.

While I have never been the owner of a convertible, I am always confused when I am out and about, and I see a convertible parked with its top down.

I could understand if you're popping into the shops to execute a quick errand. Perhaps getting a coffee or bagel. Nothing that takes longer than a couple or few minutes. But leaving your vehicle unattended for hours with its top down and exposing the interior?

All you need is for some teenagers who are bored to walk by to give your interior a "new" look. Or, in the suburbs it's a crime of opportunity waiting to happen. Not to mention the typical things such as increased wear and tear from the elements (e.g., faded plastics and leather from direct sun exposure).

My personal favorite is when I am in Manhattan. I will come across convertibles parked in garages with their tops down. Mind you that these garages are typically on the ground level or basement of buildings. Pipes explode, leaks happen and sometimes even oil drips onto vehicles if parked underneath another. So, why would convertible owners leave their cars parked, top down? I can confirm one thing: The lot attendants don't care at all.

Am I missing something here, Spies? Or, is this pure laziness? Nothing more, nothing less?

WHYTHO? Why Do Convertible Owners Leave Their Tops DOWN While UNATTENDED?

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