I asked a couple questions this morning regarding changes made to lifestyle as a result of gas prices being as high as they were this summer.  Economist agree that $4.00 seems to be the number at which drivers took a serious look at driving habits, and made changes.

I told you about my sister who along with her husband took to riding scooters as a way to save money on fuel.  I asked you the reader what (if any) changes did you make to your lifestyle to adjust to the extra money expended on gas.

I normally write the article the night before and this mornings top story was no exception, however when I woke this morning I realized that perhaps I missed the mark in the question I asked.  Not everyone on here has the ability to simply go out and change their method of transportation.  Face it, you may be driving a big SUV or truck right now, and as Agent001 and others have pointed out, the resale values of those vehicles is falling almost daily to levels before unseen.  The rapid decline in resale values led Chrysler to suspend leasing of new cars and trucks, and other brands have stated that changes were in the works to promotional leasing programs.  As such you probably can't just trade in a your current ride for a new more economical car.  However at some point you will need to get something new or newer.

The question that I should have asked is this, going on the assumption that gas prices stay around the $4.00 mark, what car will you be buying the next time you need a new car or truck.  Sure, it is easy to say that a small Toyota Yaris or Mini Cooper would suffice, but if you routinely transport clients or are in a job that requires hauling equipment of towing heavy machinery, we both know a small car just won't do.

So give the question some thought, and see what options you would look at if gas prices stay at or around $4.00 a gallon.

What Will Your Next Car Be if Gas Prices Stay High - And How High is Too High?

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