With all of this bad news today about the domestic makers, I began to wonder  about how the US market place would look if one or two of the automakers went under.

We all know Chrysler has major problems, but Cerberus has deep pockets, and is the best situated of the three to weather this storm. GM and Ford however are running on empty falling in a downward spiral with little hope of salvation other than governemtn intervention. An economic nightmare by all most any standard.

So for augmentative sake what if GM or Ford or both went under? 

Would Americans flock to Chrysler to save the remaining American icon, or would the sales vacuum created benefit Toyota and Honda the most? 

While I believe Cerberus bought Chrysler simply to part it out to others. The landscape has changed ,and if it is played correctly, Chrysler could be the solesurvivor left standing and may benefit.  Think about it as picking and choosing what defunct assets you want and move to fill the abandonded market share.  Even if that market is smaller now, it is far larger than what you had before.

Can you imagine a Chrysler bred CTS, or  even Dodge Tahoe?

The possibilities are endless, but use your imaginations and tell us what could happen if Chrysler was the only one left standing?

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What Would Change If Chrysler Was The Only One Left Standing In 2009?

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