Way back in 2004 -- jeez, it seems like ages ago -- I remember I was looking to pick up a new set of wheels. I wanted something fun, had plenty of utility and was relatively unique.

Interestingly enough there was one car that really stood out to me. In fact, for a bit of time I was nearly in love. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the Mazda Protege5.

At that point, no one I knew had owned a Mazda, to my eyes it looked pretty good and it was a wagon. What WASN'T there to love?! But after getting in it and trying to get comfortable, I realized it wasn't possible. Being 6'8 does put a damper on getting certain cars, folks.

After looking around, I wound up in a 2004 Volkswagen Touareg. It was a car I loved but my God did it have its faults.

Looking back on this situation though I can only think one thing -- what was I thinking?! A Mazda Protege5 over all the other options out there?!

Do YOU have any "What was I thinking?" automotive moments, Spies?


What's ONE Car You ALMOST Bought But Now Look Back And Wonder

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