Here at AutoSpies we tend to spend a lot of time critiquing autos that are either in production or in concept form.

It's not because we're haters. We just want them to get better.

Sometimes they do. And, sometimes they don't. You can bring a horse to water...

While it's easy to get taken in by today's luxury vehicles (e.g., anything costing over $85,000 USD), we like to make sure we're keeping in touch with all ends of the market. Often overlooked, the sub-$35,000 mark is incredibly competitive.

That's because there's SO many choices.

Having said that, I am curious: If a friend or family member came to you asking for the best, overall, vehicle for $35,000 — out the door — what would YOU suggest they drive home with?

What's The BEST Vehicle For LESS Than $35,000, Out The Door, TODAY?

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