When any kind of brand has a line of products, it is generally marketing's job to come up with some good, catchy names that really evoke what the product is about.

Take, for example, the Ford Explorer. Ford made sure that people associated the Explorer with adventure and thrill-seeking fun. Well, my one buddy Kurt who was the owner of two 1990s Explorer would be more likely to coin the Ford product "the Exploder," but that's because of his bad luck.

But that neatly brings us to our topic at hand. Car companies seem to have lost that marketing angle with their names and it seems some marques are coming up with names that make you say "What?"

A couple of models that come to mind: The Volkswagen Touareg and Tiguan. How about the Lincoln MKZ, MKX, MK-whatever else they can add one letter to?

The list goes on; however, we just want to know which manufacturer has the WORST model names across their lineup?

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Which Car Company Has The WORST Model Names Across The Board?

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