As a big fan of very big and expensive cars... the one that has by far been on the top of my list for the past 25 years would be the Mercedes Benz S-Class....

But I have also been paying attention to Lexus since their 1989 launch to see if they really stood a chance against the might silver star... And I am stoked to say that they did. I remember sitting in the rear seats of the LS 430 when it first launched and I could not tell you how much I liked it.. But with today's LS460.... I actually think that they have went a little bit backwards with not only rear headroom but also reliability and styling.... Though this is just my opinion I just wanted to see what you guys have to say about it....

My favorite from Lexus by far would have to be the LS 430 (UCF30)

Which Lexus LS series did you think was the best so far?

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