Yangwang, a distinguished brand in the realm of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) under BYD, introduces the remarkable Yangwang U8 – an expansive Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV) SUV equipped with four electric motors and a potent 2.0 turbo engine.

Previously, BYD had touted the U8's capability to navigate through water. Recently, BYD has unveiled additional details regarding this unique functionality, known as the "Emergency Float" feature. Regrettably, it does not endow the U8 with aquatic prowess to transform into a boat. Instead, it serves as a vital tool for unforeseen emergencies, such as heavy rains and sudden flooding. When engaged, the vehicle can remain afloat in water for a maximum duration of 30 minutes, at a maximum speed of 3 km/h, all powered by the rotation of its wheels – without the aid of ship-like propellers. Notably, BYD emphasizes that the U8 boasts an impressive IP68 water-resistant rating.

The vehicle's array of sensors automatically detects when it makes contact with water, prompting the in-car display to signal the activation of the "Emergency Float" mode. This display also offers real-time information, including the depth and angle at which the vehicle is submerged. Furthermore, the system intelligently shuts the engine's air intakes and ceases operation of the gasoline engine. Propulsion in water is solely facilitated by the electric motors.

However, it's worth noting that the utility of this feature is somewhat restricted. BYD explicitly limits its use to emergency situations and discourages its deployment in non-emergency scenarios. Additionally, if the battery level falls below 20%, BYD advises against utilizing the feature. Following any use of the "Emergency Float" function, owners are required to promptly seek maintenance at a BYD service center to prevent irreversible damage.

[Comment] These limitations certainly alter the initial perception that the U8 could be an adventurous water-crossing vehicle. Instead, it emerges as an invaluable safety feature designed for rare emergency situations. Nevertheless, the functionality of the "Emergency Float" mode remains impressive, especially considering the substantial size and weight of the U8.

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