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For years American automakers have been churning out muscle cars. And, it's not too uncommon to see a variety of them sporting a stripe, or in some cases stripes.

THINK: The Ford GT, Shelby Cobra, Shelby GT500, Dodge Challenger, Chevrolet Camaro -- the list goes on.

It seems to work with those beefier, large body sedans but how about cars that aren't of that persuasion?

Take, for example, what we spotted at the 2012 SEMA Show. It was a Ferrari 458 Italia that had a singular, dark grey stripe down the center of its body from front to back. This isn't the first time a Ferrari has worn stripes. The 360 Challenge Stradale and 430 Scuderia come to mind; however, I am not so sure it worked on those models either. You just have to find a solid painted car to realize the difference and how much cleaner it looks without the stripes.

That said, we want to know: Would YOU ever put a stripe on a vehicle that isn't an American muscle car?

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Would YOU Ever Put A STRIPE On A Vehicle That ISN'T An American Muscle Car?

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