Thanks to the age of social media, you too can participate in corporate projects.

A variety of manufacturers have been having fun with crowdsourcing ideas; however, we think that the automakers have been having a blast experimenting with this. The latest example comes to us from Porsche.

The Porsche brand recently ticked over 5 million fans on its Facebook page and to commemorate the special occasion, the marque set out to build a special 911 Carrera 4S. Except its options and look are determined by you, the voters.

While it is nearly complete, you can still have your input added to the interior color decision.

Personally, if it were my pick I'd go with:

- Night Blue Metallic
- 20-inch Carrera S wheel
- Design package
- All black interior

That said, how would YOU option this special 911?

We feel proud to announce the passing of a very special milestone: 5 million fans on Facebook. In order to thank you for your interest, your commitment and passion, we want to offer you a very special present. Together with you, we will build a very special 911 Carrera 4S.

Every week, a voting will take place that will define how the car will be specced in details. And it is not only about the equipment and options that make every 911 outstanding. We will add some extra spice with unique equipment and design specials for this specific car.

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YOU Decide: Porsche Building A SPECIAL 911 Carrera 4S To Celebrate 5M Facebook Fans

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