Every once in a while we like to ask these kind of questions.

Because the market is always moving and changing. And people's tastes change and wat used to be in may now be OUT.

An example you ask? How about the BMW 3-series? That was a car that every one of the 'experts' said could NOT be beat.

Kind of reminds me of a certain election about 4 years back.

BMW OWNED the media. And for a long time they made a GREAT product.

In 2020, you'd have to ask who even wants one anymore?

But things change my friends. Remember when the 'experts' said Windows could never be toppled by MacOS? And Apple could NEVER seriously challenge Microsoft?

So tell us...which are your three favorite vehicles right now and your three most hated. And if that list is different than the list you may have made just a year ago?


What Are Your TOP THREE Favorite Vehicles Right Now? And Your Three Most HATED?

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