One of the things that's been quite underwhelming, so far, is how the traditional automakers have approached electric vehicles. From poor range to uninspired designs, they've left a lot of people saying "So, what?"

And you don't need to look further than sales figures or better understand how much the automakers need to incentivize buyers ON TOP of federal- and state-operated rebate programs.

One of the first next-gen electric vehicles I am personally intrigued by is the all-new Porsche Taycan. It may have the juice to beat Tesla at its own game — time will tell as more details emerge.

Additionally, Toyota's Lexus division is said to be bringing something especially interesting to the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Although Toyota has produced hybrids and plug-in hybrids, it hasn't done a fully electric vehicle. That may change. According to reports, Lexus will be debuting a full EV that benefits from a hatch, is described as a "city-friendly hatchback" and tall.

Sounds like a sport-utility vehicle to us.

Having said that, we've go to ask: Does it sound like Toyota/Lexus has a promising formula to YOU?

...The as-yet-unnamed concept takes the form of a tall, boxy and city-friendly hatchback that wears a more futuristic design than any model in the brand’s 2019 line-up. 

“We feel that our future could resemble this design,” Lexus vice-president Koji Sato told Autocar. 

Next-level infotainment technology displayed on a pair of screens positioned on either side of the steering wheel will characterise the interior...

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RUMOR: Lexus' First EV Will Be A TALL, BOXY, URBAN-focused And FUTURISTIC — Does This Sound Promising To You?

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