If you have the hots for the all new Corvette but have gotten frustrated with dealers who will be charging ridiculous premiums over sticker, or as we call it the STUPID TAX, then this post will help you avoid getting screwed.

Thanks to the CorvetteForum, they have your back and have master list from all around the country that makes it easy to find a dealer near you only charging MSRP.

It's easy to read and here is a snippet. For the full list, click the read article link.

And you're welcome.

Yes - Paul Masse Chevrolet, Providence, RI

Yes - Ross Downing Chevrolet, Hammond, LA

NO - Simpson Chevrolet - Garden Grove, CA

Yes - Campbell Chevrolet - Bowling Green, KY

NO - Midway Chevrolet - Phoenix, AZ

NO - Stewart Chevrolet - Colma, CA

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