More pictures are starting to emerge, Spies. That's right.

Each day we're getting closer to the reveal of Ford's latest products that have hype spreading like wildfire. That would be the Ford Bronco and, in addition, its sibling, the Baby Bronco.

Previously it had been said that it could be called the Bronco Adventurer. Now, the latest rumors indicate it may actually be dubbed the Bronco Sport. At this moment one thing is clear: No one really knows.

That said, we wanted to get you to the juice. That would be the latest collection of spy shots, which were snapped by our favorite spy photographers.

Ford is definitely having a bit of fun with us as the vehicle's camouflage features iconography of people doing activities. Examples include paddle boarding, surfing, hiking, skiing. You get the gist.

While it is still under a helluva lot of camouflage, a couple things stand out to me in these pictures.

First, its side profile and cabin don't look especially modern. In fact, they look very similar to the first-generation Ford Escape. That's not a good thing.

Second, its wheels are a bit derivative when you compare them to wheels found on the JK Jeep Wrangler and even Subaru's Crosstrek.

What else are YOU noticing, Spies?

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