BMW took some liberty and published the latest "spy" photographs of its latest creation. Dubbed the i5, this electric vehicle has been eagerly awaited.

That's because some folks saw what was possible when they drove the i3 and i8.

While the i3 may have not had the best looks and the i8 may not have had the best performance, they both did shine a light on BMW's future. And, that BMW could do something aside from producing high volume sport sedans and sport-utility vehicles.

The iNext Concept essentially previewed the i5 but now we're getting a really close look at the production variant. If I am honest, it looks like a stretched X1 mated with the iNext Concept. It's almost reminiscent of the Audi e-tron, which is not a good thing as the e-tron's styling is too sedate.

Here's the difference though. BMW is saying that the i5 will come with two battery options: One will achieve around 350 miles on a charge and the uprated version will achieve about 460 miles on a charge. In addition, the new driving modes will allow for a more comfortable cabin experience when driving in a semi-autonmous/autonomous fashion. Mentioned in the story is the vehicle's ability to stow away the pedals in "Ease" mode.

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SPIED! BMW Gives Us A Taste Of What's To Come With Its All-new i5 — Is It The Revolution YOU Hoped For?

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