The Mercedes-AMG GT is a helluva vehicle. Although it may have vintage proportions with its long nose and stumpy hind quarters, don't be fooled.

It's a very modern vehicle.

That's because the three-pointed star so finely tuned its driving dynamics. With its front-mounted engine pushed so far back and its light steering feel, to me it feels more Italian and less German. That's not necessarily a bad thing after the SLS AMG, which felt like the über Benz.

If you thought the GT R Pro would be the swan song for the Mercedes coupe, boy, you were wrong. That's because the marque has yet another variant up its sleeve.

As of now, no one really knows what it will be called. Some rumors suggest Evo, others say Black Series.

What I can tell you is that this version will easily be the most aggressive yet. In these spy shots it has massive scoops in the hood and plenty of aerodynamic tricks ranging from canards to an all-new diffuser to a massive rear spoiler that's definitely of Porsche 911 GT2 RS proportions.

This is going to be the main event. Reports suggest power will be north of 600 ponies with potential to reach close to 700 — we'll see about that. As is par for the course with these types of autos, it should lose weight, get stiffer and sit closer to the ground.

Stay tuned as we keep you abreast of Mercedes-AMG's latest moves.

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SPIED! The Mercedes-AMG GT R Is About To Get Leaner, Meaner And LOUDER. Evo? Black Series?

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