The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is one of the most popular entry-level luxury sedans. It's no secret why, either.

The three-pointed star has perfected its formula. Benz's recipe is on point, at least right now it is.

When I drove the current-gen C I was impressed at how well it balances the mixture of luxury and sport. The weighting is just right. No, it won't drive like a sports car. And no, it won't be as cushy as an S-Class. But it meets in the middle.

That mix alongside a handsome interior have propelled the C to be one of the leaders in its class.

But it's getting old. Set for a 2021 model year debut will be the next-gen C-Class. And, Mercedes is got some tricks up its sleeve.

While it may not benefit from a jaw-dropping, revolutionary exterior design, its interior is said to get a complete overhaul. We believe it. In addition, there will be an influx of technology. If your fingers were crossed for a Tesla-rivaling electric vehicle in C-Class form, you better kill that notion. According to reports it will be a completely different vehicle — our money is on a C-Class-based variant branded EQ-something.

Having said that, our friends at Auto Express have conjured up some looks based on the latest spy photos. After examining both, I think it's safe to say that the Brits are on point in these renders.

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Mercedes is applying the finishing touches to an all-new version of its biggest-selling model, the C-Class. The fifth-generation car will be out in the open in the next 18 months with a sharp new look and more efficient hybrid and plug-in powertrains...

...The C-Class’s exterior design will emulate the platform by being an evolution of the current car’s. We’ve previewed the saloon in these exclusive images, but as ever, estate, coupé and cabriolet versions of the fifth-generation car will follow.

In contrast, the changes inside the new car will be profound, with a totally fresh interior architecture. A large display will dominate the cabin, stretching from the bottom of the centre console, and combining the central display and fully digital instruments. The same set-up is also due to appear in the next S-Class.


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