I've kicked off the long weekend a bit early, Spies. I high tailed it out of New York City on a covert operation. This mission entails something I am not used to: Some rest & relaxation.

Having said that, I couldn't exactly step away from autos. I just love them too damn much.

Of course that means I was looking at vehicles I'd potentially like to own. One of them is the 1994 Mercedes-Benz E500. Considered a rare bird, I've seen a few very clean examples in recent months. But, as expected, buying any Mercedes of this vintage is like taking a shot in the dark. Or, perhaps it's like a box of chocolates? You decide.

While scoping out the E500's interior, I couldn't help but adore its simplicity and rather Spartan approach. When contrasting it with today's Mercedes interiors that make use of massive screens and copious amounts of carbon fiber, I can't help but wonder what a modern Mercedes interior would look if the marque kept with its traditional values.

Granted, the three-pointed star is delivering what the people want.

That said, I've got to ask: WHICH Mercedes interior do you prefer more? The old-school E500 or the all-new E53?

WHICH Interior Lights YOUR Fire? The Mercedes-Benz E500 Or E53 AMG?

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