I have to be honest, Spies. I am not all that boned up on the rap game.

I guess I am dating myself but when I think of great rap, I think of artists like the Notorious B.I.G. and Common. This new crop of talent that's loaded with face tattoos and can be heard mostly mumbling isn't my jam. That said, they've got a following and, for the most part, are crushing it.

One of these new-age artists is Post Malone. And, it turns out, he is a fan of autos. According to reports he has a Rolls-Royce Phantom, Ford F-150 Raptor 6x6 modified by Hennessey and others.

We're pretty sure he's outdone himself this time though. That's because he's purchased a white on white Bugatti Chiron. Rumors suggest he paid upwards of $3MM for his latest addition.

While I've had the pleasure of driving a lot of high-end autos, the Bugatti escapes me. I've wondered just what that'd be like and I think this video, which features a snippet of Post Malone giving his initial impressions, sums up what the experience must be like, quite nicely. See below, Spies.

**NOTE: We are NOT affiliated with the selling dealership in any way. Caveat emptor, Spies!

What a bitter sweet day! Angel my custom specd Bugatti Chiron has been sold and now delivered to her new owner Post Malone!!!

In typical fashion, the Chiron must be replaced. I talk about what new cars we have coming, and it's a pretty good list if I do say so myself... Let me know in the comments which car you are most excited to join the collection!

VIDEO: Post Malone Picks Up A White On White Bugatti Chiron And Shares His NSFW Thoughts On What It's Like

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