Over the past couple of years there's been a tremendous buzz for the all-new Ford Bronco. It's been amazing to have all sorts of folks talk to me about the latest truck that is being conjured up by the Blue Oval.

Old, young, both genders, white collar and blue collar. One thing's certain: The Bronco love doesn't discriminate.

And, in parallel, another vehicle is ready to launch. That would be the Land Rover Defender. Boxy trucks are as "in" as ever.

This got us wondering, a bit. One thing we know about Ford is that its designs tend to mimic other high-end luxury products. Take, for example, how the Explorer mimicked the big daddy Range Rover. The Fusion took some cues from Aston Martin with its trademark front grille. Then the Lincoln Continental showed Bentley some love.

There's an established pattern here.

So, we've got to ask: How close will the all-new Bronco look compared to the all-new Defender?

HOW Close Will The All-new Ford Bronco Look Compared To The All-new Defender?

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