The Bugatti Chiron has made history.

There's been a lot of conversation about the speed record and whether or not Bugatti would give it a run for its money. And, boy, did it.

In a modified version of the Chiron, Bugatti entrusted Andy Wallace — who set the speed record with the McLaren F1 — to do it again. He did.

Breaking the 300 mph barrier is a HUGE triumph for the automobile. It's a huge win for engineering, no doubt, since this is something that's been dreamed about for ages and questioned whether or not it could be done.

Clearly, it has. See the clip released from Bugatti, below.

Watch BUGATTI chief pilot Andy Wallace's World Record run!

Final speed: 304.77mph / 490.48 kph.


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VIDEO: The Bugatti Chiron Sets An All-new Speed Record OVER 300 MPH

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