Who knew 20 years ago that in very short order there would be technology that would essentially democratize conversations with individuals we never would have had access to before? Thank you, social media.

With the invention of things like Twitter and Instagram, now Average Joes can interact with the likes of previously untouchable personas. This includes C-suite executives of the world's more intriguing businesses, the President of the United States and then Hollywood's A-list.

We're living in uncharted territory, folks.

While some interactions can be insightful, others can be downright funny or mean. In an exchange that happened over the past 24 hours, Tesla's Elon Musk called out Porsche for its use of Turbo nomenclature to distinguish its higher-end variants of its all-new Taycan.

Musk simply said, "Um @Porsche, this word Turbo does not mean what you think it does" and continued about his day.

Then the folks over at Jalopnik retorded, "
Um @elonmusk, this word Autopilot does not mean what you think it does" which is a distinct criticism of Musk's rather liberal use of the term.

The mic drop moment for Musk came with his two follow ups: "
Jalopnik not sharpest tool in shed …
," and he stuck the landing with "Also, cars are called 'automobiles'."

That said, we've got to ask, does Musk have a point about the use of Turbo in an electric vehicle? Did Porsche botch the Taycan's nomenclature?

SHOTS FIRED! Tesla's Elon Musk And Jalopnik Exchange Blows Over The Taycan On Twitter

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