When buying a new car, many consumers find closure in offering their old vehicle to the dealership as a trade-in. Not only does it rid the consumer of having to deal with a private sale, but it can also take a huge chunk out of the cost of a new automobile or perhaps absolve the cost of an upside-down loan. But for Jeep buyers, trade-ins are more than just financial—they've proven to be the gateway from a myriad of different automotive segments into one particular platform: the Wrangler.

While most Americans shop around in the same segment when trading in, that's not the case for new Jeep owners. In a recent interview with Muscle Cars and Trucks, Jeep's North American Director Scott Tallon revealed that outside of repeat Jeep customers, its biggest trade-ins don't come from other trucks or vehicles with enhanced off-road capabilities. Instead, they're coming from muscle cars.

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