I have to admit, I was pretty bummed out when Ferrari debuted its replacement for the 488 GTB. That's because it didn't bring something all new to the table.

Instead it just improved upon the 458/488 chassis.

And now we have the F8 Tributo, which boasts fussier styling from the B-pillar back, and gets more technology to help its drivers get around tracks faster. But, does that really make it better?

Only one way to find out! The boys and girls over at Autocar got behind the wheel for some track time as well as some on-road testing. Although the presenter is a bit reminiscent of Ricky Gervais when he gets excited, I think you can let it slide.

The Ferrari F8 Tributo is the replacement for the 488 GTB. Featuring an almost all-new aerodynamically enhanced body and an even more powerful 710bhp twin turbocharged V8, it aims to meld the everyday civility of the GTB with the poise and ferocious pace of the Pista. Could this be the best of all worlds? And does the Tributo name hint at the F8's possible status as the last of the line for this type of Ferrari and its pure internal combustion engine? James Disdale finds out on Ferrari's very own Fiorano test track, then heads out in the hills around Modena to find out.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: So, What's The Ferrari F8 Tributo REALLY Like?

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