Auto manufacturers are always doing interesting things to keep the attention focused on them. It's an interesting public relations strategy and it can sometimes be amusing. In the best cases, it's interesting.

BMW's latest maneuver fits the bill.

That's because, as we noted previously, that it had painted its all-new X6 "the blackest black." At first I thought, well, how black are we talking here? Well, BMW wasn't kidding.

Vantablack uses special technology that's far too intricate for me to understand or even explain. Long story short, it looks like a cartoon or as though someone has Photoshopped the vehicle.

It's one thing to see the studio photos but seeing it on camera is a whole other experience. See what I mean, below.

#IAA: WEIRD and WONDERFUL — BMW's Vantablack X6 Is The STRANGEST Thing You'll See In Motion

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