I ran into an old neighbor yesterday when I was out and about who was THAT guy who loved Audi's. He would religiously get an A8 every two years and was an Audi guy before it was cool.

We all know people like that, myself included.

I used to be a huge BMW fan and owned over 15 of them since the 90's. I owned M5's, 7's, 335d, 335is convertible, 5 wagon, X1 and a few others.  Now, the only one that even turns my head with interest is the M2.

But back to my old neighbor. When I ran into him, something was different. He wasn't in an Audi, he was driving a Tesla Model S.

Honestly, I was shocked. This dude was DIE-HARD Audi, through and through.

My how things change. There is a dynamic happening that many of these brands don't want you to know how deep its effecting them. And scaring them like you wouldn't believe.

So it made me want to reach out to you and ask are you still in love with the same brand you've been buying for years? Or like him and I have you fallen out of LUST for these old standby's?

And if so, what are you swooning over these days and what do you own?

What Brand/Model Did You Used To Own And LOVE That You Are No Longer In LUST With?

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