I remember it like it was yesterday. Ford's luxury division, Lincoln, was going through a rebirth. Through its renaissance, the brand decided to enlist the help of a Hollywood A-lister.

This is pretty much common practice these days.

Lincoln chose Matthew McConaughey, which aside from his part in The Lincoln Lawyer, didn't quite add up to me. But, boy, did his advertisements create a ton of buzz.

They were perplexing and a bit meandering. But after going viral and then having Jim Carrey poke fun of the placements on Saturday Night Live, it reinvigorated what was already happening.

And now we've got an all-new spot. For the all-new Aviator plug-in hybrid, McConaughey is back doing his thing. But it's in a much less peculiar fashion.

Having said that, I've got to ask: Do these Lincoln ads STILL have their mojo?

What say you, Spies?

Leave the noise behind. Inside the all-new 2020 Lincoln Aviator, serenity reigns. There's horsepower, alright — lots of it. But that's not what you'll remember most about this journey. You'll be too busy noticing the buttery soft sensation of the available Perfect Position Front Seats as they mold to fit your body just so. Or the concert-like sound quality coming from the 28 speakers of the available Revel® Ultima 3D Audio System*. Even the little things, like the way the vehicle kneels* to greet you upon approach — those will awe you, too. You see, we might have the power, but that's not all we're about.

This is Lincoln. And this is the Aviator.

VIDEO: Does Lincoln's Latest Commercial Featuring Hollywood A-lister, Matthew McConaughey, STILL Have Its Mojo?

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