I am so happy I've had the chance to drive great handling cars like the Porsche Cayman R and Boxster Spyder. These cars are definitely special.

And when you consider the Cayman GT4 and the all-new 718 Cayman GT4, it only seems to be getting better. So much so that it's really making the splurge to get a 911 a bit difficult.

I didn't think Porsche would step up to the plate and give these vehicles over 400 horsepower. I was wrong.

I also didn't think Porsche would have the brass to create an RS variant. Turns out I was also wrong here.

Spied this week was the all-new 718 Cayman GT4RS. I can't believe I just typed that. But it's true.

Sporting an even more crouched stance, NACA ducts in its hood, enhanced aerodynamics and a wing that looks inspired by the latest 992 GT3 spy shots, this Porsche means business.

Earlier this year, our colleagues Down Under at Wheels magazine in Australia have fleshed out the details of a potential 718 Cayman GT4 RS, after interviews with top brass in the Porsche GT department. But now, we can reveal new spy shots of the 718 Cayman GT4 RS testing.

We've already fallen for the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 hook, line and sinker, so images of an even more focused RS version has set tongues wagging in the CAR magazine office this Frankfurt motor show week...

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SPIED: FIRST Spy Shots Of Porsche's HARDCORE 718 Cayman GT4RS Surface — WOW!

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