One of the things I love about AutoSpies is that we manage to get/hear cool things from inside the whirligigs that are automotive manufacturers. Today, another one just crawled around the corner.

That's because we're receiving word that Mercedes-Benz is going to expand its pick-up truck lineup. If you're asking yourself why, the answer is simple: Mercedes wants to own the luxury pick-up truck market rather than forfeit it to Ford.

Even better. A dear friend of AutoSpies sent us the very first spy shot of this next-generation Mercedes. As Mercedes ramps up to take down the F-150, expect more spy shots to come out of hiding.

See the full-size image, below.

If you haven't realized by now, this piece is satirical in nature. .

**Special thanks to our friend,
Kaitlan Landry, for the image.

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SPIED! A Reader Sends In A GEM — First Spy Shots Of Mercedes' Upcoming Pick-up Truck That Will Shatter The F-150

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