One announcement stemming from the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show I haven't seen making the rounds comes from Audi. If you missed Audi's press conference, let me get you dialed in.

As expected from most automakers at this point in time, they're pushing their electric vehicles that are either making their first appearance or will be shortly. The four rings is no different.

Although I am sure some will think it was cool one of its marketing and sales execs pulled up in an e-tron-branded scooter, I can't think of anything lamer. And then she went on to drop a bomb: The all-new e-tron sport-utility vehicle is going to get an all-new variant.

That would be the e-tron Sportback.

So, I've got to ask a simple question, Spies: Is it AWESOME or AWFUL that Audi is doubling down on the e-tron SUV with a Sportback variant?

AWESOME or AWFUL? Audi DOUBLES DOWN On The e-tron With All-new Sportback Variant...

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