Land Rover is a company that really owes its humble beginnings to its Series I truck. It wasn't exactly pretty to look at nor was it comfortable.

But, it got the job done.

Much like the Willys Jeep, these vehicles were designed to be rugged and take on harsh terrain. They were utilitarian's dream come true. Soon the Land Rover Series I gave way to the Series II and Series III. Eventually, it would be named the Defender.

And, finally, Land Rover has given the U.S. market an all-new Defender. After years of conversation and speculation, it's arrived.

As expected, it's been greeted with controversy. Looking like a mix of other products, it certainly is missing that certain iconic Defender-ness to it. It's not awful, it's just not lighting a fire either.

Having said that, we've got to ask: Is the all-new Land Rover just a PRETENDER?

The Old Defender Was An AMAZING, Utilitarian Jewel. Is The All-new One Just A Land Rover PRETENDER?

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