Some of Wall Street's sell-side analysts are doing something they never do.

Get creative.

According to the research team at Sanford C. Bernstein, there may be an opportunity out there. That would be the purchase of Jaguar Land Rover from Tata.

The purchaser? That would be BMW, which has effectively stalled its growth as of late. To give it another leg up, it's suggested it make an acquisition to grow.

It makes sense, on paper. But if you were asking us, we'd think it would be in BMW's best interest to kill Jaguar and for Land Rover's next-gen products to leverage BMW's technology.

Kind of what Mercedes is doing with Aston Martin.

What say you, Spies?

That's the message from Sanford C. Bernstein analysts, who say BMW should buy the British luxury brand from India's Tata Motors.

"BMW is overcapitalized and awash with cash. It has run into the limits of growth for its product range and brand," analysts including Max Warburton wrote in a research note Wednesday.

"JLR is severely challenged, both operationally and financially, but could massively lower both its fixed and variable costs under the wing of a bigger partner..."

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RUMOR: Should BMW Buy Jaguar Land Rover? Some Wall Street Analysts Think So. Would You Kill Jaguar In The Process?

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